MiniMax Strategies in the classroom

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MiniMax Strategies in the classroom by Mind Map: MiniMax Strategies in the classroom

1. In the past

1.1. Up to now

1.2. Makes clear that behaviour can be changed!

2. Not "if"

2.1. But: how, what, which

2.2. creates a higher level of committment

3. positve phrases

3.1. or "instead"

3.2. avoid negativity and resulting opposition

4. Your problem is similar to

4.1. It's like

4.2. helps to find access to pupil

4.3. metaphor/simile clarifies situation

5. not yet

6. Constructive Wh-questions

6.1. in small steps

6.2. helps to tickle a solution out of a pupil

6.2.1. when was the last time you managed to...?

6.2.2. What made it possible for you to...?

6.2.3. Why ...?

7. Supposing that

8. Imagine that

9. Yes, and...

9.1. Maybe, and...

9.2. avoids distractors and allows to state the desired behaviour

10. Not accusations but "I wish you ..."

10.1. avoids bad atmosphere and allows to state desired behaviour/solution to problem