Divergent Plate

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Divergent Plate by Mind Map: Divergent Plate

1. Definition

1.1. Plates move away from each other

2. Great African Rift Valley

3. Types of plate divergence

3.1. Oceanic-oceanic

3.1.1. Magma rises to fill the gaps when the plate move apart.

3.1.2. New sea floor is formed when magma cools and solidifies known as sea-floor spreading.

3.1.3. Newly formed rocks are closest to the plate boundaries and therefore younger than those further away

3.2. Continental-continental

3.2.1. When plates diverge or move apart, it is being stretched, causing fractures to form at the plate boundary.

3.2.2. Land between the continental crusts sinks, forming a linear depression known as rift valley.

4. Mid Atlantic Ridge