What is email Stephen.Veliz 6th Period

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What is email Stephen.Veliz 6th Period by Mind Map: What is email                               Stephen.Veliz  6th Period

1. The five steps E-mail to sending an E-mail

1.1. Open your E-mail program and launch a new message window by clicking on the appropriate icon

1.2. In the TO box type he name of the recipient.

1.3. type the subject of the message.

1.3.1. New node

1.3.2. New node

1.4. Write your message from the message window.

1.5. Click send icon,or select send icon from file.

2. You should never send an E-mail without listing a subject first.

3. Things you can send in an E-mail attachment.

3.1. messages

3.2. Photos

3.3. documents

3.4. Music

3.5. Videos

4. in it's simplist form, email is an electronic message sent from one device to another anywhere around the world.

5. I am the person who designed this map and all information.Is copy write!

6. If you would like to contact me about my map hear is email