By Christopher 7th Period What is E-mail?

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By Christopher 7th Period What is E-mail? by Mind Map: By Christopher 7th Period What is E-mail?

1. Old School Communication!

1.1. The old school way to communicate would be by mail/letters, by horse, by foot, by plane, by boat, and by truck.

2. How to send an attachment.

2.1. In its most simplest form, in order to correctly send an attchment, you must click attachments which is on the left side of options.

2.2. Next, you must click browse and navigate through your documents until you find the picture/photo you want to send as an attchment.

2.3. Last, you must click insert file and then click send to send your E-mail along with your attachment directly to the email address you typed in as the receiver.

3. I am the person who designed this map and all of this information is copyright!

4. The Five Steps of sending an E-mail

4.1. Step1:Type in the E-mail address of the person you want to send an E-mail to.

4.2. Step2: Insert the information that you wish to send in the E-mail by typing it in the white space provided.

4.3. Step3: If you wish to send a picture of some sort, click on attachments and browse through your pictures until you find the picture you wish to select.

4.4. Step4: Once you`ve chosen the picture you want to send, then click insert file to insert the photo into your message.

4.5. Step5: Once you`ve done all that you must click send to send your message to the directly to the E-mail address you typed in as the receiver.

5. The best things about E-mail are that E-mail can travel at fast paces and arrive at the exact email address you want the message to arrive at in only a few minutes, depending how far you are from that person`s computer.

6. When you send an E-mail it travel through a online internet post office known as a server. Depending on your distance from the person your emailing, your E-mail may go through a various number of servers to reach its' destination.

7. The term "E-mail" mean electronic mail. Since this type of mail was invented in the seventies, it has been around for quite sometime, although; it is becoming old for people who use it a lot.