Pythonic Programming

tips and tricks for productive use of the python language's properties

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Pythonic Programming by Mind Map: Pythonic Programming

1. Syntax

1.1. use parenthesis for long-line wrapping

1.2. use r"C:\temp.txt" for raw strings

1.2.1. Backslashes not interpreted as escapes

1.2.2. ideal for Windows file paths

1.3. use "".join(list) to join a list of strings

1.3.1. add spaces or commas as needed " ".join(list) ", ".join(list)

1.3.2. use generator functions "".join(fn(i) for i in items)

1.4. use collections.defaultdict() to create dictionaries with default factory functions

1.5. use locals() for named string formatting

1.6. Use a list comprehension when a computed list is the desired end result.

1.6.1. [n ** 2 for n in range(10) if n % 2]

1.6.2. all values calculated at once

1.6.3. greedy evaluation

1.7. Use a generator expression when the computed list is just an intermediate step.

1.7.1. values calculated as needed

1.8. use lists instead of concatenating strings using the "+=" operator.

1.8.1. huge memory saver

1.8.2. huge speed improvement

1.8.3. can be joined before output

2. Links

2.1. Code Like a Pythonista

2.2. Idioms and Anti-Idioms in Python

2.3. Python Idioms and Efficiency Suggestions