Climate Change in the Arctic

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Climate Change in the Arctic by Mind Map: Climate Change in the Arctic

1. Importance

1.1. The Earth at risk?

1.1.1. The ice is the world would melt, flooding the Earth. People would be at risk. Animals and plants would die.

1.1.2. The Permafrost would melt, this Permafrost holds 11% of the worlds soil Carbon.

2. Effects

2.1. Positive

2.1.1. Human More Tourism, More Money More jobs for the local people

2.1.2. Physical Milder winters stop the dogs from freezing

2.1.3. Ecological More Cod and Prawns

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. Human Houses Sinking due to Permafrost melting

2.2.2. Physical Ice Melting Rise in sea levels

2.2.3. Ecological More vegetation so then more food for parasites and an increase in the Albedo effect

3. Causes

3.1. The Sun

3.2. Less Ice, so an increase in the Albedo effect

3.2.1. The Ice reflects 85-90% of the suns rays.

3.3. Industrial BOOM caused Earth to warm about 0.5°C

4. What is the Albedo effect?

4.1. The Albedo Loop