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Maneuver Battalion (Task Force) by Mind Map: Maneuver Battalion (Task
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Maneuver Battalion (Task Force)

Did not look into Fire Support role

BN Commander - Lt. Colonel

Company x 4 (Infantry or Armor) - Captain

Armor Company, HQ Platoon, 3x Platoons, Section 1, 2 Tanks, Section 2, 2 Tanks

Infantry (Light) Company, 3x Platoon, PLT HQ, Weapons Squad, 3x Rifle Squad, HQ Platoon

Infantry (Mechanized) Company, 3x Platoons, 2x BFV Section, 3x Rifle Squads, HQ Platoon

BN Executive Officer - Major

S-1 (Admin) - Captain, Approx 5 Enlisted

S-2 (Intelligence) - Captain

S-3 (Operations) - Major, Assistant S-3 is CPT. Also MSG or 1SG. 7 Enlisted

S-4 (Supply) - Captain, 3-5 Enlisted Supply Personnel

S-5 (Civil Affairs) - Captain

S-6 (Signal) - Captain, 3-5 Enlisted Signal Personnel

HHC (Headquarters Company)

Scout Platoon, Platoon HQ, 6 Man Squad x 3

Mortar Platoon, Platoon HQ, Mortar Section, FDC

Anti-Armor Platoon (In a light infantry BN)

Sniper Section, Section Leader, 3 Long-range Snipers, 3 Standard Snipers

Possible Attachments

Engineer Platoon

Forward Support Company - Captain

Responsible for forward logistics needs of maneuver battalion. Coordinates needs of maneuver BN with Forward Support Battalion. Forward Support Battalion is responsible for Maneuver Brigade.

Support Operations Officer - Responsibilities

Company Headquarters

Transportation Platoon, Platoon HQ, Movement Team, Air Movement Team, Truck Squad, Truck Squad

Supply Platoon, Platoon HQ, Class III Section, Supply Section, Class V Section

Maintenance Platoon, Platoon HQ, Maintenance Section, Electrical Maintenance Section, Class IX Section / Maintenance Operations

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