Learner Considerations

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Learner Considerations by Mind Map: Learner Considerations

1. Beyond the School

1.1. Trustees

1.1.1. Does the blog demonstrate the learning going on in the school?

1.2. Other educators

1.2.1. Does it provide inspiration for their teaching?

1.2.2. Is the website searchable?

1.2.3. Is it visually appealing?

1.2.4. Is the layout easy to navigate?

2. Staff

2.1. Administrator

2.1.1. Is it promoting use of the library?

2.1.2. Are there statistics of how the library is used?

2.2. Teachers

2.2.1. Usability Are their resources that will be useful for their teaching? Can they influence buying in the library?

2.2.2. Accessibility Can it be linked from the school website? Does it need a login and password?

2.2.3. Linguistic Cognitive Domain Do it help them understand the terminology associated withICT? Do they understand the terminology associated with inquiry-based learning? How do make my vision understandable?

3. Students

3.1. Primary

3.1.1. Will they have the ICT skills to access the website independently?

3.1.2. Who will help them access the site?

3.1.3. Is there content that will appeal to them?

3.2. Intermediate

3.2.1. Can they contribute to the blog?

3.2.2. Is there content they connect to?

3.2.3. Is it a resource that can contribute to their learning?

3.2.4. Can they effect book buying?

3.3. Usability

3.3.1. Is it easy to link through the school website?

3.3.2. Does it need a password?

3.3.3. Is the URL easy to memorize?

3.3.4. When will they get to access it?

3.4. Linguistic Cognitive Domain

3.4.1. Is it easy to understand for all grade levels?

3.4.2. Is the tone of the blog welcoming?

4. Parents

4.1. See their child's work

4.1.1. What kind of work would they like to see?

4.1.2. How often would they like to see their child's work?

4.1.3. How much student work can a library blog show?

4.2. Easy to access

4.2.1. Does the website have a login?

4.2.2. Do they need to have a password?

4.2.3. Do many of them even have Internet access?

4.3. Level of feedback

4.3.1. Will it actually influence school policy?

4.3.2. Will it influence book buying?

4.3.3. Can they leave comments on the blogs?

4.4. Linguistic Cognitive Domain

4.4.1. Does it use language they understand?

4.4.2. Is it an ESL population?

4.4.3. Is it all text? Are their visual and media components?

4.4.4. Is it visually appealing?

4.5. Usability

4.5.1. Are there resources they can access at home?

4.5.2. Does it give them resources to help with their child's homework?