Boulder Formats

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Boulder Formats by Mind Map: Boulder Formats

1. What market segments are being targeted?

1.1. Customers

1.1.1. Retailers Looking for Easy Profits

1.1.2. Licence Holders Looking for distributors

1.2. Retail

1.2.1. Supermarkets

1.2.2. Toy Shops

1.2.3. Pharmacies

1.2.4. Convenience stores

1.3. High Footfall

1.3.1. Parents with Kids

2. Who are your major competitors in the each segment?

2.1. Kids DVDs

2.1.1. MSE Contract with Musgraves Contract with Topaz

2.1.2. beaumex Contract with Tesco Apple Green Heatons

2.1.3. UK Wholeslers Not a major threat

2.2. Other Kids Stuff

2.2.1. Banaghans exclusivity for lots of products for UK market

3. USP

3.1. We Know what sells - So you don't need to

3.1.1. We will choose the range of stock you need

3.1.2. Guaranteed Sale or Return if our choices don't sell for you

3.1.3. We act as your Buying Department

3.2. We take your space and turn it into profit

3.2.1. You only need to provide space - we will look after the rest! FSDU Stocking Remove slow stock Sale or return

3.3. Merchandising

3.4. Good & Simple Pricing

3.4.1. Simple Bar Code Model

3.5. Easy to order

3.5.1. No need to go down through lists

4. Products

4.1. Licenced Childrens Products

4.2. Buying from licence owner of the product

4.3. Why

4.3.1. Impulse Purchase

4.3.2. €5-10 price point

4.4. Value Add

4.4.1. Stands (FSDU) to stimulate the impulse purchase

5. Suppliers

5.1. USP for suppliers is the same as for retailers

5.2. Shows that you have the capability to shift their product

5.3. Need Mechanism for lists from trade shows

5.3.1. Elance

5.3.2. ODESK

5.3.3. Provide Video for first line of excel sheet

6. Channels

6.1. Main Channel= Email

6.1.1. Problem Replace Excel as CRM

6.1.2. Infusion Soft CRM Email Marketing

6.1.3. MailChimp Email Marketing

7. Email Strategy

7.1. Each Customer once/Twice per month

7.2. Equal time given to headlines and content

7.3. Sell the Click only

7.3.1. Selling happens on the website

7.4. 1 Landing Page per Email/Segment

7.5. The more relevant the offer - the higher the ROI

8. Website Layout


8.2. Collateral - Applies to email and website

8.2.1. Testimonials

8.2.2. Segment Specific Photos

8.2.3. Segment Specific Case Studies