Elektron Octatrack Video Tutorial Index by Mind Map: Elektron Octatrack Video Tutorial
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Elektron Octatrack Video Tutorial Index

Octatrack Pro Tip

#1 - LFO Designer

#2 - Part Variations and Quantized Sampling

#3 - Sampling and crossfader transitions

#4 - Controlling Slices With The Crossfader

#5 - Rearranging a sample

#6 - Internal resampling for adding pattern variation

#7 - Single Cycle Waveform Pattern

#8 - Remixing Loops with the Audio Editor

#9 - Track Trigging

Octatrack Know-How

#1: Sets, Audio Pool & Projects

#2: Selecting A Machine & Assigning Samples

#3: Manual Sampling

#4: Recorder Trig Sampling

#5: Working With Scenes

#6: Individual Track Lengths

#7: Trig Modes

#8: Pickup machines

#9: The audio editor and loop slicing

Product Demos

OS 1.25 Update Video


Spring Reverb

Dark Reverb

Octatrack PDF Manual (Includes latest 1.25 Update)

PDF with Just Updates


Elektronaut Forum

Modulate This Posts on Octatrack

SecretMusicUK Tutoorials

Octatrack Tip Video #1 : The Amp page and Amp menu.

Octatrack Tip Video #2 : The Playback page and menu.

Octatrack Tip Video #3 : Slices and Retrigger.

Octatrack Tip Video #4 : LFO's, part 1.

Octatrack Tip Video #5 : LFO's, part 2, and Parts.

Octatrack Tip Video # 6. Resampling.

Octatrack Tip Video # 7 : MIDI.

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Elektron Workflow Videos

Workflow: Octatrack

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