Discover Your Core Marketing Message

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Discover Your Core Marketing Message by Mind Map: Discover Your Core Marketing Message

1. Discover, capture & commit to a unique position

1.1. Comes from a product, service, market niche, offer, problem solved. See pg 29 for ways to communicate core message. Ask your clients for help in creating unique position. Why did you hire us? etc. See pg 31 for more questions.

2. Create a marketing purpose statement

2.1. The basis & filter for all marketing & customer service activity & decisions. Not a goal but the purpose for your biz. Highly recommend reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek in regards to this.

3. Turn purpose into a talking logo

3.1. Formula = action verb + target market + how to solve problem or need. See pg 37

4. Craft simple core message to use in all marketing

4.1. Short message becomes your marketing workhorse. pg 39 for example

5. Jantsch uses an HVAC company as a core marketing message example. pg 29