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jj by Mind Map: jj

1. Environment

1.1. Within classroom

1.2. Between some classrooms

1.3. A range of levels in a classroom

2. main game facor

2.1. Control

2.1.1. Keyboard Control character movement WASD Direction key Typing

2.2. Types

2.2.1. Droping notes Simiply a typing game Blackboard is blocked by other classmate

2.2.2. Cheating in class Escape from teacher eye sight Dodging Strategy remembering words

2.2.3. Be a teacher Pay attention to students

2.3. Sound

2.3.1. Sound effect Movement eg. walking Writing on paper?

2.3.2. Music Game bgm Menu bgm import mp3 midi

3. Torus Trooper

3.1. A special Tube-shooter

4. 4 keys

4.1. Arrow keys

4.2. a, s, 1, 2

5. Lyric

5.1. Typing

6. Visual Mode

6.1. Apperance

6.1.1. By drawing

6.1.2. Vecter act

6.1.3. Pixel art

6.2. Style

6.2.1. Must be cartoon style

6.3. Student desk arrangement

6.3.1. top down view

6.3.2. side view

6.3.3. fake 3d view

7. keyboard controll


7.1.1. Touhou Project

7.1.2. R-Type

7.2. Control

7.2.1. Keyboard WSAD up right left down mode

7.2.2. Mouse Maybe for selection only, or even won't use

7.2.3. Joystick Thumbs will be very tired

7.3. Sound

7.3.1. BGM MP3 Midi

7.3.2. Sound FX For destorying enemies Getting new items or level up!?

7.4. Types

7.4.1. Scrolling shooters Backgrounds Enemies Moving towards player Air/Ground

7.4.2. Bullet hell Bullet Equations Needed Might be difficult to write Deceleration for bullets Array or related direction for bullets Air Sence Very Interesting!!!!!! The Shooter Hit box may shrink

7.4.3. Run and gun Characters' Actions Jump Roll Shoot Ground Sence Old Genre long time no see

7.5. Visual mode

7.5.1. Drawings

7.5.2. Pixel arts

7.5.3. Scrolling Direction Bottom-Up Left to Right

7.5.4. Letters / Chinese characters Special and easy need more imagination

7.6. Kill Hitler for hurting so many jews

8. Music element

8.1. Control

8.1.1. Keyboard 7 keys s, d, f, j, k, l, space bar O2jam

8.1.2. Dance pad Use foot to play More difficult Dance Dance Revolution

8.1.3. Joystick

8.1.4. Mouse Not flexible

8.2. Music

8.2.1. Rhythm BPM Becomes difficult if it is too fast Can be tricky if it is too slow

8.2.2. Dance

8.3. Visual

8.3.1. Notes Long notes Pattern Zipzap Density Closely packed

8.3.2. Targets

8.3.3. Obstacles Effects on notes Blur the notes

8.4. Direction

8.4.1. Upward Super Dance Online StepMania

8.4.2. Downward

8.4.3. Right to left Taiko no Tatsujin

9. teste

10. jkhk