George Washington

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George Washington by Mind Map: George Washington

1. Legacy

1.1. George Washington was most known for his fairness and respect he had toward people. He always served his country before anything.

2. Skills

2.1. George Washington was was very skilled in doing the correct thing for his country .he would respect all of his citizens and tries to make is a good place for everyone.

3. leadership

3.1. He was the first president in the world. George Wasington was a good leader. As he got older some people continued to admire him, but others that wanted to take his place wanted to cause him problems.

4. background

4.1. He was born on Feburay 22, 1732 He was the first united states president. He ruled when he was young. People that didnt want him to be president started to pu him down, they wanted to make him think that he was not a good ruler and that he would turn the united statess into a country with lots of trouble.

5. 3 of 7. Need more specific details. Good effort in doing homework, though.