Laughter out of Place chapter 4 and 5

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Laughter out of Place chapter 4 and 5 by Mind Map: Laughter out of Place chapter   4 and 5

1. Street Children

1.1. Children are able to escape from the poverty of the streets

1.2. They have a sense of belonging , the gang members become their family

1.3. Item 3

2. Gangs

2.1. Gang leader mediated relations with the local police

2.2. Beside their drug trade they were able to offer many young men a place of belonging and self worth

2.3. Deal and handle the local authority structure and payoff government official and police

3. State Terror , Gangs and Everyday Violencde

3.1. The middle and upper class has little exposure to the violence the poorest experience

3.1.1. Item 1

3.1.2. Item 2

3.1.3. Item 3

3.2. State Terror because there is a constant fear of crime

3.3. Violence is based on the different gang that is in control at the time

4. Violence

4.1. The street children are subject to physical abuse

4.2. Recruited by the local Gangs to do their "dirty work" since they will get a lesser sentence

4.3. The protection of children by local gang leader established a no beating rule for children

4.3.1. This however made him a local hero and Gloria fear for her children wellbeing

5. No Time for Childhood

5.1. The Killing street-the middle and upper-class move behind higher walls to protect themselves from the street violence

5.2. The street children live in deplorable conditions and take care of one another

5.3. Local orphanage or FUNABEM treat the children poorly

6. Class Division

6.1. The street children idolized the middle and upper class way of life

6.1.1. the view the rich as living a good life