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HelloHealthy FollowFriday 092509 by Mind Map: HelloHealthy FollowFriday 092509
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HelloHealthy FollowFriday 092509

RetiredTeacherD created this with these basics: 1. If you did #FF of RetiredTeacherD or HelloHealthy, or are on, you are 1st level. Anyone those recommend, next level. If they RT someone who did #FF of them, they were a level further out and a Connect was made back. Note: If a person is already on the map a connect is made instead of a new node. I recommend you get your own MindMeister free account if you do not have one You can edit this public map on you node to link to your #FF or #Followers From here. Large maps w/ pictures can get slow :-) On your map, please provide a link back to here.




bryan1180: @RetiredTeacherD@HelloHealthy @Allisonutszgh@SarahMindek @thejobsguy @aPXREk@jonathanhaslett @ShonaghJ1@Madisontjesoz @dan_menard #FF

Sammy McPherson

HTML clipboard Sammy_McPherson: RT @irwanlee: Great People to Follow Friday @Seth1492 @ivansotschi @HelloHealthy@xmellyssax @dcychan@Sammy_McPherson ♥U all @irwanlee


HTML clipboard SuzanneCoston: Great tweeters #FollowFriday @KathyJodrey @SashaKane @ItalianAmerGirl@HillsofAfrica @HalleBalleDog @Nacchi@HelloHealthy

#FF July 24, 2009

MindMap not started

#FF August 07, 2009 til now

#MindMap not started. My FriendFeed page for new Follows

#FF August 21, 2009

MindMap not started

#FF August 28m 2009

MindMap not started

#FF Sept. 11, 2009

MindMap not started

#FF Sept. 18, 2009

MindMap not started

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