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Benjamin Franklin by Mind Map: Benjamin Franklin
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Benjamin Franklin


Ben's True Legacy Born: January 17 , 1706 Dead: April 17, 1790 Benjamin Franklin was many things: a printer, writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, civic leader, and diplomat. As a scientist, he is best known for his experiments with electricity. As a writer, he is known for Poor Richard's Almanac and his autobiography. He was the oldest people of the American Revolution. Franklin also was the only person to sign all four documents that established the United States. They are for eample the Declaration of Independence, the peace treaty with Britain. He was know as one of the founding fathers of our beloved United States of America.


As a businessman, Franklin built America’s first media conglomerate by setting up printing and newspaper companies from other countries. He did this throughout the all the American colonies. As a citizen, he formed America’s first public library, and it’s the first university, the University of Pennsylvania. As a scientist, he discovered electricity. As well as making him an extremely famous man, this helped drive the Industrial Revolution. He also made the Franklin stove, invented bifocals, conceived of daylight savings time, and was the first person to plan the Gulf Stream. As an author, he wrote America’s first best-seller–Poor Richard’s Almanac. As a civil servant, he made a whole new way to perform mail delivery in America; it was the one-day service at home delivery. As a politician, he had an on the go hand in creating the major documents of the Revolution. Such as: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the alliance with France, and the peace agreement with England. In this he was the only Founding Father to sign all four papers. As a diplomat, he negotiated America’s alliance with France during the Revolutionary war against England. The French would supply what is needed for the war. As one can admire from the above list, these accomplishments are exemplary for another man to follow in his leadership.  


Eventhoug the small group of men we call our Founding Fathers were distinguished amoung all men, Benjamin Franklin sill stands tall among them. Ben used his diplomacy skills to serve his fellow countrymen. He did not participate in the American Revolution on the battlefields like George Washington, but in the halls and staterooms of governments. He had clear vision of the way things should be in North America and his skill in both writing and negotiating, helped him to succced. Ben is the only person to have signed all four of the documents which helped to create the United States: the Decleration of Independance (1776), the Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France (1778), the Treaty of Peace between England, France, and the Americas (1782), and the Constitution (1787). He also helped to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He was fully devoted to making North America a better place. Besides helping to build the United States of America, he helped to make everyday life in the city better. He tried to make Philadelphia a safer city, so he set up the Union Fire Company in 1736 and a fire insurance company in 1752. He even organized a Night Watch and Militia. He wanted to help have peace and safety in Philadelphia. When he was in in Paris, he proposed the idea of Daylight Savings Time. Today, America's leadership and government is in Washington, DC because that's where Benjamin Franklin was.  


Jan 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born on Milk Street in Boston on January. His father was Josiah Franklin and his mother was Albiah Folger. Together they were candles and soap makers. He was born in a family of 17, and he was the 15th child of which two had died. He family was not wealthy, but his father wanted him togo to the school with the clergy. As they did not have enouph money. he attended Boston Latin School but did not graduate, but at the age of ten Ben did not give up, he continued his education with reading. At the age of 12 he worked for his father and for his brother in th printing buissness where he was tought the printing of trade. Ben ran away to Philidelphia at the age of 17 as a fudgetive from England. He worked in the printing once more, and he convinced the govener of Pennsylvania to get more equipment from London to establish a newspaper in Philadelphia. Then Thomas Denham, gave Franklin a position as clerk, shopkeeper, and bookkeeper in Denham's merchant business. At the age of 21 he created a group called Junto that would improve themselves and the community. The members created a library, and Franklin was then the first American librarian. In 1730, he invented his veryown newspaper where he had been working at a printing house. The paper was called The Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin also created many scientific inventions and had many sicentific aquires as the glass armonica. At last Franklin was a great chess player which makes me think if that what made him think so clearly and if he was looking at this coming all along.  

Lots of good information but you have to either put it in quotes or change the words to your own otherwise it is plagiarism. Score 5 of 7.