People and organizations, organized by sector type, who may be able to help knock CP (cerebral palsy) on its rump.

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1. Multi-Stakeholder

1.1. Projects

1.1.1. The Management Innovation eXchange

1.1.2. World CP Day

1.1.3. Openconnectome

1.2. Networks

1.2.1. Moms With Apps

1.2.2. NeuroDevNet

1.2.3. NeuroNext Network

1.2.4. Cambridge Neuroscience

1.3. Initiatives

1.3.1. LifeLabs

1.3.2. BRAIN Initiative

1.4. Alliances

1.4.1. InterAction

1.5. Consortia

1.5.1. The Walk Again Project

1.5.2. The AbilityLinks Consortium

2. Public / Government

2.1. The Center for Development and Disability

2.2. FCTD

2.3. AHRQ Cerebral Palsy Issue Exploration Forum

2.4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2.5. CDC

2.6. NINDS

2.7. National Rehabilitation Information Center

2.8. NIH

3. Private / Business

3.1. Social Business

3.1.1. Consulting Quidoo McKinsey Social Sector Office Praxis Dachis Group Fifth Quadrant Analytics IBM Social Business TCC Group Change.org BWB Solutions

3.1.2. Special Needs Products and Services Abilities Expo The Anat Baniel Method Advanced Muscle Stimulators, LLC Closing The Gap Your Therapy Source Rifton Products Easy Stand 101 Mobility The Mobility Resource TheraTogs Freedom Concepts eSpecial Needs Art Shop ABR for Special Kids

3.1.3. Other Reinventors

3.2. Other

3.2.1. Consulting Thrivable The Energy Project The David Allen Co. / GTD Gartner, Inc. Axiom Consulting Booz & Company Bain & Company Innosight AT Kearney Mercer The Balanced Scorecard Institute The Palladium Group Business Foundation Forrester Research Paradigm Learning

3.2.2. Publications Fast Company / CoLead strategy+business McKinsey & Co. Business Journal Wired SemanticWeb.com Exceptional Parent Nature Neuroscience

3.2.3. Miscellaneous MindMeister

4. Civil Society / Nonprofit

4.1. Health

4.1.1. Advocacy / Fundraising AbilityCatcher My Child Without Limits CP Daily Living Pedal With Pete UCP National @CPInfo Let's Cure CP Parent to Parent Mommies of Miracles Pathways.org Reaching For The Stars Climb for CP Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association Child Neurology Cerebral Palsy Alliance Children's Neurobiological Solutions Exceptional Kids

4.1.2. Other Diseases or Conditions (neurologic emphasis) Reeve Foundation Parkinson's National Parkinson Foundation Michael J. Fox Foundation Spina Bifida Association Epilepsy Team Epilepsy The Epilepsy Therapy Project American Epilepsy Outreach Foundation The Charlie Foundation Lily's Fund Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy Epilepsy Foundation Multiple Sclerosis National MS Society Endless Pursuit Alzheimer's Alzheimer's Foundation of America Alzheimer Society Alzheimer's Association Cancer American Cancer Society LiveSTRONG Foundation Stand Up To Cancer

4.1.3. Disability Orgs (general) We Connect Now Abilities United The Viscardi Center Institute for Community Inclusion The National Center on Health, Physical Education and Disability IndependenceFirst The Ability Center Disability Horizons Ability Chicago Disability Scoop The Arc Able Magazine American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Council on Quality and Leadership Opening Hearts American Association of People with Disabilities Respectability USA

4.2. Human Service

4.2.1. UCP Affiliates UCP of Maine

4.2.2. Independent Therapy Clinics Leap Beyond Therapy NAPA Center CECO

4.2.3. Inclusive Recreation CRIS Victory Junction The Paralympic Sports Association Special Olympics

4.2.4. Intermediate Care Facilities Hattie Larlham Heinzerling Memorial

4.2.5. Other Direct-Service Agencies The Cerebral Palsy League Upstate Cerebral Palsy

4.2.6. Other Miscellaneous American Red Cross Easter Seals UCP Wheels for Humanity MOVE

4.3. Research

4.3.1. Hospital-based Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Rady Children's Mass General Children's Hospital Akron General Children's Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Research Institute of Chicago Kennedy Krieger Institute Gillette Children's

4.3.2. Other Miscellaneous CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

4.4. Education

4.4.1. Management University / Ed Institutions Social Innovation Harvard Business Review Stanford PACS MIT Sloan Management Review UC Berkeley School of Information The Center for Social Innovation OSU Fisher College of Business Other The Bridegspan Group FSG CompassPoint Nonprofit Services bethkanter.org BoardSource Root Cause American Management Association Leap of Reason Plexus Institute Nonprofit Times The Alliance for Nonprofit Management SoJo MAP for Nonprofits Keystone Accountability

4.4.2. Other miscellaneous American Academy of Neurology Nonprofit Quarterly New Profit The Berkman Center for Internet & Society Harvard Health Publications FasterCures Overview AACPDM The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health A Special Needs Plan American Physical Therapy Association Points of Light

4.5. Philanthropy

4.5.1. Foundations Taproot Foundation CPIRF

4.5.2. Other Omidyar Network The Center for Effective Philanthropy Venture Philanthropy Partners

5. Non-organizational

5.1. CP Focused

5.1.1. Dr. Lisa Thornton

5.1.2. Jilda Vargus-Adams

5.1.3. Jeff Kitchens

5.1.4. Cheryl Hines

5.1.5. Wendy Sullivan

5.1.6. Michael Kutcher

5.1.7. John W. Quinn

5.2. Management

5.2.1. Consultants John Hagel III David K. Hurst Tony Schwartz Gary Hamel Tom Peters Carolien de Bruin Peter Miles Jorgen Eriksson Lisa Kimball David Allen Dave Snowden Bernard Marr Les McKeown Jack Welch Bruce Waltuck John Seely Brown Lee J. Colan

5.2.2. Educators Clayton Christenson Teresa Amabile Rita Gunther McGrath Rosabeth Moss Kanter

5.2.3. Miscellaneous Ira Horowitz Braden Kelly Art Kleiner

5.3. Information / Technology / Internet

5.3.1. David Weinberger

5.3.2. Erik Brynjolfsson

5.3.3. Heather Mansfield

5.3.4. Andrew McAfee

5.3.5. Geoff Morton-Haworth

5.3.6. Clay Shirky

5.3.7. Michael Porath

5.4. Philanthropy, general

5.4.1. Susan Robitaille

5.4.2. Michael Chatman

5.4.3. Steve Goldberg

5.4.4. Nell Eddington

5.4.5. Antony Bugg-Levine

5.4.6. Allison Fine

5.4.7. Kris Putnam-Walkerly

5.4.8. Jason Chmura

5.5. Other

5.5.1. The Atlantic Maria Popova Derek Thompson James Fallows

5.5.2. Kare Anderson

5.5.3. Miguel Nicolelis

5.5.4. Cristin Lind

5.5.5. Neuroskeptic