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Illuminism by Mind Map: Illuminism

1. Phenomenology

1.1. Dialectical Logic

1.1.1. Phenomenology of Spirit Geist Teleology Will To Power Id, Ego, Super Ego

1.2. Master/Slave Dialectic

1.2.1. Capitalism Id Culture Profit Principal Anarcho-capitalist Libertarianism Ayn Rand Plutocracy Materialism

1.2.2. Communism Superego Culture False Equality Dictatorship of the Proletariat Dialectical Marerialism

1.2.3. Meritocracy Rational Ego Culture Equality of Opportunity Republic Social Contract Dialectical Monism

2. Ontology

2.1. Ontological Mathematics

2.1.1. Euler's Formula Fourier Transforms Mind/Body Problem Frequency Domain Space-Time Domain Quantum Mechanics Non-Localism Pauli's Exclusion Principle Uncertainty Principle 6D Cartesian grid 3 Real Spatial Dimesions 3 Imaginary Temporal Dimensions Monadic Plenum Relativity Background Independent Background Dependent

2.1.2. Zero and Infinity Monad/Ontological Zero Riemann Sphere A Priori The Soul The Singularity The Infinity Multiplier

2.2. The Principle of Sufficient Reason