Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden by Mind Map: Edward Snowden

1. NSA Spying Programs

1.1. Telecommunication Corp Collaborating

1.1.1. Mark Klein AT&T

1.1.2. Verizon

1.2. NSA collected US email records in bulk for more than two years under Obama

1.2.1. New Programs are ongoing

1.3. PRISM

1.4. FISA

1.4.1. Protect America Act of 2007

1.5. Stellar Wind

1.5.1. Thomas Tamm William Binney

1.6. Lobbying

1.6.1. Expenditure

1.7. Low level privet contractors have privileged access

2. Patriot Act

2.1. National Security Letters

2.1.1. Doe v. Gonzales

2.2. Armash Amendment

2.2.1. Narrow Defeat House Members Voting to Continue NSA's Dragnet Surveillance Received Twice as Much From Defense Contractors

3. Guardian Interview

3.1. Allegations

3.1.1. NSA gathers and analyses Metadata

3.1.2. NSA has authority to spy on anyone

3.1.3. GCHQ Tempora

3.1.4. Surveillance State

3.1.5. Low level private contractors have access to personal data

4. Infrastructure annalist

5. US. Spying History

5.1. Watergate

6. Transnational Corporatocracy