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Nisrine-Benjamin Franklin by Mind Map: Nisrine-Benjamin Franklin
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Nisrine-Benjamin Franklin


His life

He was born in Boston in January 17, 1706.  

His family

His brother was a writer for the new england courant newspaper. This made Benjamin want to write as well.

Prefessional Background

When his brother was thrown to jail Benjamin started writing for the newspaper. Next he worked as a printer then he started getting government job contracts


Benjamin franklin was a leader of the american revolution He was an american ambassador in france   he was a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress he signed the new U.S constitution The signed the declaration of independance  


What he did

He helped write the treatie of paris. He published a book called  Poor Richard's Almanack He founded the first american fire insurence company He signed The declaration of independance

What he was

a blend of businessman, inventor, philosopher, public planner, and civic cheerleader.


Benjamin Franklin was known for all his inventions like the lightning rod the franklin stove   the bifocal glasses   he is also known for his leadership skills and signing both the declaration of independance and the constitution.


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