I am Legend - Reflection 5/5

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I am Legend - Reflection 5/5 by Mind Map: I am Legend - Reflection 5/5

1. Shared Information

1.1. Ruth will allow Robert to take a sample of her blood in the morning

1.2. He doesn't feel much for her

1.3. He tells her more detailed information on vampires

1.4. She doesn't look like she has had two kids

2. The Trick

2.1. He tells her how he thinks he is immune to the germ

2.2. He mistakes her as Virginia

2.3. They embrace each other

2.4. She knocks him out when he discovers she is infected

3. The Note

3.1. She left a note for him

3.2. She had been spying on him

3.3. She wants him to run away to save himself

4. Men in Black

4.1. People came for him at night

4.2. They had a gunfight and knocked him out

4.3. He wakes up and Ruth tends to him

4.4. Robert accepts his execution

5. Most Prominent

5.1. The new society of people living with the germ

5.2. Robert is the last of his kind

5.3. Bacteria can mutate