Taiwan business manager English-training challenge

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Taiwan business manager English-training challenge by Mind Map: Taiwan business manager English-training challenge

1. Audience

1.1. College educated business managers

1.2. Skeptical about training

1.3. Low self-confidence in English skills

1.4. Low competence in English skills (esp. with respect to business conversations & email writing)

1.4.1. English is not first language

2. Behavior

2.1. Students will be able to

2.1.1. write business emails in English

2.1.2. have business conversations in English

2.1.3. understand business culture norms in English-speaking contexts

3. Condition

3.1. Host on web server

3.2. Access from desktop computers (LAN?)

3.3. Extrinsic rewards

3.4. in Taiwan

3.4.1. infrastructure

3.4.2. cultural norms

4. Degree

4.1. Training complete in 1 year

4.2. Training costs < $1M

4.3. All students are able to write a 500-word email with <10 errors (syntax, grammar, spelling, word choice)

4.4. Managers can conduct business negotiations in English with >90% effectiveness as compared to similar ones in their first/strongest language

4.5. Managers can convey in written form, the same business-related ideas as they can in their first/strongest language

4.6. Managers can orally describe the company's mission effectively

4.7. Deliverables/Evaluation tools

4.7.1. Emails based on simulated scenarios, written first in strongest language, then in English. Assess for errors/effectiveness.

4.7.2. Critiques of others' business negotiations in English

4.7.3. Simulate oral negotiations in strongest language, then in English. Videotape and provide qualitative feedback.

4.7.4. Project/presentation in English (managers choose format) to demonstrate understanding of company's mission