English Learning For Deal Making

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English Learning For Deal Making by Mind Map: English Learning For  Deal Making

1. Audience

1.1. Taiwanese College Educated English Trained Field Managers (English as a second Language)

1.1.1. Low Confidence

2. Beha ior (In English)

2.1. 1.Negotiate Deals

2.2. Initiate Business Discussions

2.3. Write Emails

2.4. Display Confidence

3. Conditions

3.1. Company Pro ided

3.2. Hosted on Company Ser er

3.3. One Year Completion

3.4. Skype

4. Degree

4.1. 80 out of 90 Field Managers Pass Final Test

4.1.1. Initiates 5 english business emails per week with no major miscommunications and only ten grammatical errors

4.1.2. $1000 Bonus For all employees

4.2. Preliminary Test

4.3. Able to conduct business negotiation without any percei able miscommunication

4.4. Bi-monthly English Wednesdays