Partial Truths

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Partial Truths by Mind Map: Partial Truths

1. Machismo

1.1. Very man focused society

1.2. It is a man "paradise."

1.3. Sexuality transcends the individual level to the culture as a whole.

2. Much of the Culture is based on "sensual, tropical sexuality."

2.1. However this sexuality is a reinforcement of male dominion.

2.2. It allows acts such as infidelity to be swept under the rug.

3. Sex in Culture

3.1. Sex is viewed as positive and is enveloped through the culture.

3.2. Joking about sex is expected

3.3. Sexual teasing is a part of everyday culture and starts at infancy

4. Masculinity

4.1. Whether the male is heterosexual or homosexual, most keep their sense of masculinity.

5. Language

5.1. Many words in the Brazilian language are used in different meanings.

5.2. Words such as Comer (to eat) and Dar (to give) are used in a sexual connotation

6. Feminism

6.1. Women are often times taken advantage on

6.2. In a world of "male paradise" women are forced to be dominated by men.

6.2.1. Women are often times sexually taken advantage of.

6.2.2. This is reinforced by women not being able to fight back. When women do try to voice their opinions, they are quickly shut down.

7. Socioeconoimcs

7.1. Brazilians use sexuality to transcend social and economic boundaries

7.2. People, especially women, of lower classes use their sexuality to gain the attention of those in higher classes.

8. Rape

8.1. Virginity is very important in this culture. As seen when Anita was raped, her mother was most saddened by the thought of her losing her virginity.

8.1.1. Anita's mother threatened putting hot peppers in the vaginal area to dissuade her daughters to have sex. Furthermore, father, boyfriends, husbands, and even brothers try to protect their girls innocence

8.2. Often times, it is hard to seek judicial justice when a girl is raped. the girl, especially if she is of lower class, must try to gain the trust of the judge by presenting herself as a "good" girl with little to no sexual activity.

8.2.1. Because many times the girl does not win the case, humor and joking is used to make light of the situation.