Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Capture Ideas

2. Rules

2.1. Session Rule 1

2.2. Session Rule 2

3. monitor

3.1. challenges-overwheleming popups

3.1.1. Goal 1

3.1.2. Goal 2

3.2. bigger ones not moveable

3.3. Benefits- able to engage group attivities

4. storage

4.1. challenge-lack of use for later or current data

4.2. Benefits-thumb drives to save data.

5. Ideas

5.1. Less budget constraints

5.2. More special needs students access

6. printer

6.1. budget constraints

6.2. Challenges-Toner or ink shortages

6.3. Benefits-pictures of desired text or graphic

7. Keyboard

7.1. Benefits=more effective than a typewriter. The prevalent tool of the educational and societial environments.

7.2. Challenges=not handicapped accessible. Has to have power to interact with monitor.