Translation Regulation in Colombia- Norma icontec

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Translation Regulation in Colombia- Norma icontec by Mind Map: Translation Regulation in Colombia- Norma icontec

1. Professional competencies of the translator

1.1. Language competence

1.1.1. Basic competence Role in translation is not only to translate words or sentences, but also to know how the target language receiver says something that is different from source language user

1.1.2. Must be mastering languages lexical (word), to phrasal, clausal, sentence and discourse.

1.1.3. Have competence in both source language and target language, demanded to have a good understanding of language aspects of source language and target language

1.2. Textual competence

1.2.1. knowledge of regularities To distinguish texts

1.2.2. Convention of texts

1.2.3. Genres and text types There are differents type of text Narrative, Expository

1.3. Basic translation concept, changing a word from source language to target language

1.4. Subject competence

1.4.1. Subject specific or domain competence is knowledge Subject discipline to keep the function of word (meaning)

1.5. Cultural competence

1.5.1. The text contains social conventions and cultural identity. Understanding words and cultural identities Source language and target language

1.5.2. Not to look the substitution but enough to see the equivalence Fulfill the sense intended

1.6. Transfer competence

1.6.1. Transferring of process which is “not-exist” to “exist” that is done by the translator based on the knowledge he have

1.6.2. Translating that is the process of message transformation from source to target text

1.6.3. Translated text that is the text produced by the translation process.

2. Main Requirements

2.1. Human resources

2.1.1. Working Group committed

2.2. Competences of translator

2.2.1. Development of skills acquired

2.3. Quality Management

2.3.1. To know the process about the rules

2.4. System Project Management

3. Technological resources

3.1. Check out

3.2. mastering tools

3.3. Knowing safe storage documents

3.4. Recovery, destruction and removal of documents

3.5. Handling word processors

3.6. Desktop publishing systems

3.7. Graphics or presentation software