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Redefining The Business Of IT At Harley-Davidson by Mind Map: Redefining The Business Of IT
At Harley-Davidson
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Redefining The Business Of IT At Harley-Davidson

(not quite there yet)

areas of focus

The Business

business - aligning our work with their strategies

Listen to all of the business strategies, collaboratively align the work

Determine themes and synthesize requirements into capabilities, outline work to support many, ERP enabled Integrated Process, One SAP instance for the world, started ERP two years ago

Business Technology alignment, build initiatives that enable the requirements of all stakeholders

Information Services

Information Services - run IT like a business and FOR the business

Consolidate, bring all infrastructure into 2 data centers, reduced capital spend, reduced energy consumption, uptick in performance, manage to capacity not projects, virtualize everything, one virtual data center, two physical centers tied together

Integrate, converge all like products, create centers-of-excellence, ESM enabled Integrated IT processes

Innovate, Exploit our capabilities

Goal: How do we become a consultant to the business and not just an order taker?


People - have the right organization, have the right skills, build the right relationships

Organize to leverage your skills and capacity, Global organization, face-to-face culture and community, leverage real-time collab, flying on planes not effective, I won't answer your phone calls or email but I will answer your IM, Setup to support ALL business units, Business Facing with Centers-of-Expertise

Become consultative, We know the business, We know IT, We should consult and not just take orders!

Have the Right Skills, Determine critical skills and train, retain, grow

James E. Hanley

VP CIO, Harley-Davidson

joined HD - June 2005

everything we do is because of the customer

Harley isn't just about the bike




Are we doing the right things around the customer?

Global Info Services

Vision - to have common, simple and integrated systems worldwide

Mission - establish a IS capabilities which enables H-D and all subs to meet their strategic and teactical objectives

Leadership Statement -

None of these statements says anything specifically about tech, widgets, etc



Globalization of IT resources

Common Solutions across Business Units, hard to get over "I'm unique", culture - stick it to the man


Working globally

consulting versus taking orders


commonizing IT processes

Enabling business processes versus business units


Common technology


Building and Using a "tool box"

Projects and business units don't own technology, project is buying capacity, internal cloud


Act with speed

Improve the organization and the infrastructure's ability to respond and adapt quickly to changing business imperatives, enabling rather than constraining transformation



must come with some fences (EA)

now go innovate to add value and bring richer experiences

without EA fences you can innovate like crazy but it may not add value (?? Then is it innovation?))