I Am Legend Reflection 1

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I Am Legend Reflection 1 by Mind Map: I Am Legend Reflection 1

1. Who are Virginia and Kathy?

1.1. Is Virginia his wife?

1.2. Is Kathy his daughter?

1.3. What happened to them?

1.4. Did Virginia die before Kathy?

2. How did everyone turn into vampires?

2.1. Was it some kind of virus?

2.2. Was it an accident?

2.3. some other third thing.

3. The language in the book.

3.1. I wasn't confused by the language in the book.

3.2. I find this book to be on my reading level. Not too hard, not too easy.

3.3. Great vocab, writing style.

4. The author could maybe explain things more.

4.1. I don't know if it does later in the book.

4.2. Maybe it's just because I'm still at the beginning.

4.3. Hopefully things will become clearer as I read further into the book.

5. Events that Confused me

5.1. Why do all the vampires come after Robert?

5.2. All of the vampire stereotypes are true?

5.3. How did Robert figure out all that stuff?

6. How does Robert not go insane?

6.1. Lives by himself, surrounded by vampires.

6.2. Lost everyone he loved.

6.3. Greatly outnumbered, small chance of surviving or defeating the vampires.

6.4. Holed up in his little house for 5 months, nothing to do.

6.5. Ben Cortman always yelling, "Come out Neville!" every single night.

7. Prompt #5- Are you confused about what happened (or didn't happen) in the book? What events or characters do you not understand? Does the use of language in the book confuse you? Is there anything that the author could have done to make what happened (or didn't happen) more clear?