Trisha's Qualifications

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Trisha's Qualifications by Mind Map: Trisha's Qualifications

1. communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to engage, coach, and work closely with a wide variety of stakeholders

1.1. * Cotsen Mentor

1.2. * M. Ed. instructor - 4 courses

1.3. * ADE Institute collaborator

1.4. customized PD across the US many years

2. innovative classroom teacher who has successfully integrated the use of instructional technology to enhance student learning

2.1. * videos of my teaching have been used by companies, non-profits, and foundations to train teachers and administrators

2.2. * Apple Distinguished Educator 2013

2.3. * design a new blog every year for my families - home-school communication - write daily

2.4. * flipped the classroom

2.5. * on the expert team for augmented reality within the Apple Distinguished Educator community

2.6. * designed and created augmented reality experiences to enhance learning in my classroom

2.7. * designed an app for my classroom

2.8. * taught every child how to design an app for curating their portfolio of creativity for families

2.9. * teaching my self how to make a stand alone app and how to code/program for elementary engineering

2.10. CUE conference 2013 presenter

3. knowledge of educational curriculum, research-based instructional strategies, and practices as they relate to improving student outcomes

3.1. * wrote many books on educational curriculum

3.2. * designed customized PD based on research, instructional strategies, and curricular needs

3.3. * taught M. Ed. classes on the these topics

4. knowledge of instructional technology, current research, and practices related to instruction

4.1. * selected as 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator

4.2. * currently reading research on best practices for Ed Tech across elementary and middle schools

4.3. * life long passionate learner - teach myself through ongoing research

5. ability to motivate and support students and staff in reaching high levels of success

5.1. * student success

5.2. * high level of parental support

5.3. * customized and personalized learning opportunities for every person regardless of age

5.4. * invented the Intergenerational iPad Lab to motivate across all ages

6. ability to design and deliver quality professional development for administrators and instructional staff

6.1. * M. Ed. instructor at the University of LaVerne

6.2. * designed customized training for teachers on iPads

6.3. * many years as PD designer and trainer across the US and Canada - all disciplines and grades K-6

6.4. * presented at CUE 2013

7. ability to efficiently collect, utilize, and analyze multiple sets of data in order to best support student progress and teacher development

7.1. * graduate level advanced data analysis and statistics classes

7.2. * scaffolding teaching requires data analysis for ZPD customized instruction

7.3. * invented data collection methods to meet the needs of my classroom for better scaffolding

8. success in modeling effective use of current instructional technology

8.1. * videos of my teaching used for : ACSA, MIND Institute, TED talk

8.2. * videos of my class teaching iPads last year are currently being made into an iBook by Apple

9. knowledge and experience in adult learning theory; experience coaching/mentoring scenarios

9.1. * Cotsen Mentor

9.2. * M. Ed. instructor - 4 courses

9.3. * ADE Institute collaborator

9.4. * iPad training in two schools

9.5. * customized PD across the US for many years

9.6. * graduate level courses in Ed Psych & motivation across the lifespan

10. skills in problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity

10.1. * wrote many books for teachers

10.2. * designed customized PD across the nation

10.3. * invented new challenge based learning projects involving the community

10.4. * thrive when given creative freedom to innovate and invent

11. ability to be flexible and revise priorities in accordance with the requirements of the Superintendent/designee

11.1. * highly flexible and adaptable

11.2. * love change - can shift gears at a moment's notice

11.3. * respectful of administrators and their needs

12. results-oriented, goal driven, collaborative approach to work

12.1. * ZPD for every learner - regardless of age

12.2. * member of two groups who collaborate to create PD opportunities across the nation

12.3. * collaborate with fellow Apple Distinguished Educators

12.4. * thrive with brainstorming and collaborative opportunities

12.5. * teach in 3D - data driven decision-making

12.6. * successful experience collaborating with administrators, teachers, parents, and community members

13. ability to be flexible and revise priorities in accordance with requirements of student needs, school goals, and district priorities

13.1. * thrive on change

13.2. * customized iPad training based on needs of each group

13.3. * changed grade levels nearly every other year for 20 years

13.4. * taught K-5 depending on needs of the school

13.5. * changed grade level last year 6 weeks into school to best meet the needs of the students

14. strong commitment to learn

14.1. * favorite activity : learning, experimenting, and researching to further impact my students

14.2. * currently synthesizing empirical research on STEM/STEMx infusion into elementary and middle schools

14.3. * attend at least 4 TED Talks live per year at various universities as well as the annual TED conference

14.4. * seek out, fund, and apply my own learning opportunities at various museums, science centers, schools, and conferences

14.5. * use social media for daily learning opportunity updates

15. additional qualifications: confidentiality and the ability to respect the unique cultures of each classroom and school site

15.1. * Cotsen Mentor - complete confidentiality and respect

15.2. * China trip - complete confidentiality and respect

15.3. * trained two schools - complete confidentiality and respect