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LCL Mind Map by Mind Map: LCL Mind Map
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LCL Mind Map

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Ideas for blog articles ...

Brac and LCL


Workshop on 28th

Principles of how we work at LCL

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do we need keywords?

swot on microlab

Dave hampton




Do something!

Next Actions In Rough Order

call UnLtd Level 1 mentor

do plan for Workshop advertising

Email Simone -- one of process design team to update where we are

Introduce Dot about business cards

respond to sarah at -- online book keeping

Define next communication effort to Phoebe, Nathan, Smari and maybe Michel too

put business plan online

invite core call convenors for process design call

invite mentors! - various mentors into LCL

Make decision on Radical Inclusion webinar - what to do?!

set up newsletter - transfer from turnupthecourage list to londoncreativelabs list

set up google group - gradually invite everyone who might want to be active to a google group - start with active people!

email Sam from Brixton market - lovely lady I met who is interested in LCL

Call up Sydney -- mentor who offered to sponsor online bookkeeping

Make list of things only Sofia can do

Contact UEL student to suggest follow-on

Ask Scott for sponsorship


AleX Nick postal address


Define Microlabs

Work on LCL homepage

Create a clear pitch for LCL

Create hand flyers

Business cards

Define the LCL team

Pilot workshop


28th Oct workshop

Next general LCL actions - roughly in order

Create a clear pitch for LCL

Make business plan budget in excel

Laminate Sofias drawings

visit workshop venue

Add Mette's profile

Add Sofia's profile

Add Mamading's profile

Add David's profile

Add Gladius' profile

Add David Durkee's profile

Add Irene's profile

Add Tav's profile

Do Game Plan together -A3 overall one -- Friday after personal evaluations?

Set up non-work thing :-)


oct 28th workshop

nov 3rd + 4th workshop in Manchester

nov 9th Change Lab

nov 16th/23rd/30th Half-Day Session UEL

nov 27th Change Lab

Dec 1st/2nd 2-day Lab

Mette's Next Actions - roughly in order

Create frame for next flyer

Organize contacts in Highrise

TENT session 2 with David

Ideas for visual pitch map


U-process step-through

"finish" something for the blog

9th December thinking pre-Hannah

set up newsletter