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Student by Mind Map: Student

1. Input devices are easy to use when closely monitored by teachers. Typing skills increase over time. Dependent upon the user input devices such as keyboards need special needs modifications when necessary.

1.1. Assessment

2. Data Projector

3. Used to input data. Other input devices can range from keyboards to sound, voice, and electronic whiteboards.

4. Devices used to receive data thaat is accumulated from input devices and project the information over vast screens or whiteboards.

5. Keyboards

6. Teacher

6.1. How to Inplement Input Devices

6.2. How to Inplement Output Devices

6.3. How to successfully demonstrate the technology in syncronicity.

7. Output Devices

8. Output devices are beneficial to students as they can conform to various student deficiencies. Adaptation to input devices can become difficult if both input and output devices are incompatible.

8.1. Assessment

9. Input Devices