pH3 Foundation site artitecture

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pH3 Foundation site artitecture by Mind Map: pH3 Foundation site artitecture

1. Site Functionalities List


1.1.1. Blog

1.1.2. Contact Form

1.1.3. Forms

1.1.4. Sign in/Sign up

1.1.5. Password Protected Site Region

1.1.6. Password Protection?


1.2.1. Affiliate Tracking


1.3.1. LIVE CHAT?

1.4. The seal

1.4.1. pH3 IS0 26000

2. Notes relating to webdev

3. Site Map

3.1. HOME

3.1.1. business solutions

3.1.2. Advertising solutions ADmission Marketing manistesto Code of practice Ph3 Foundation research Media kit program details

3.1.3. pH3 mail

3.1.4. pH3 plus (membership community)

3.1.5. Calendar-of ph3 events

3.1.6. privacy and terms

3.1.7. Search

3.1.8. Shop

3.1.9. Competitions

3.1.10. Donate

3.1.11. sign in or sign up

3.1.12. Advertisements on home page

3.1.13. pH3 media Capital competitions AV Documentary publishing Monograph center White papers Research

3.1.14. Barter

3.1.15. Recruitment and employment Benefits

3.1.16. Contact us

3.1.17. Request a demo

3.1.18. Free trial

3.2. ABOUT

3.2.1. Who we are Departments Councils Cooperatives

3.2.2. OUR MISSION pH3 Foundation (co ltd by guarantee) Skills effeciency Fundraisers Guarantors Donors Volunteer and apprentice prgrams Beneficiaries Media relations

3.2.3. Membership



3.3.2. INVESTOR RELATIONS investment prospectus

3.3.3. PARTNER RELATIONS partners-index/intro page affiliates brand ambassadors sales executives Solution providers Orgnaistions Dealer and distributer networks Franchise systems Licensees resellers Fundraising profffessionals Tech refer a friemd referral networks Resources for channel patners Creative inventory Media kit submit a lead

3.3.4. Donor relations

3.3.5. Board and employees Board Employees Volunteers Aprentices/Interns Contractors Studentships Jobs Tasks

3.3.6. Venders/procurement

3.3.7. Media relations press releases Services for the media