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Management Consulting UBH_UnternehmensBeratungHackl by Mind Map: Management Consulting UBH_UnternehmensBeratungHackl

1. Technological expert (at court)

1.1. Environmental trials

1.2. Supervising of environmental duties

1.2.1. Water legislation

1.2.2. Environmental legislation

1.3. Not just analytics, but solutions

1.3.1. Cooperation with well established labs

1.3.2. Interpretatione and advice

1.4. Advice in disputes / Loss-Adjusting

1.4.1. Paper technology Paper production Paper modification Printing technologies Paper-like substances Glassfiber Tobacco foil

1.4.2. Surface technologies

1.5. Due diligence

1.5.1. Technological due diligence

1.5.2. Processoral due diligence

2. Risk management Crisis and emergency management

2.1. Design of crisis management systems

2.1.1. Locally

2.1.2. focussed on infrastructure

2.1.3. Consolidated company-wide

2.1.4. Improvement of crisis management systems Trainings Design Conduction Exercisese Design Assistance and analysis Stress-test-analysis of established crisis management systems

2.2. Risk analysis

2.2.1. Analysis of organisationals risks

2.2.2. Analysis of local risks Cooperation with in-house and external experts

2.2.3. Analysis of threats Natural disasters Crimes External crimes Misconduction employees Vandalism Terror Terroristic acts Collateral damage System failure Power outages IT outages Outages of heating or cooling Global or non-local threats Pandemic Radioactive contamination

2.2.4. Design of improvements Access concepts Location design Surveillance Cooperation with security services Sound and stress-testes procedures

3. Management consultancy

3.1. Interim management

3.2. Business process design

3.2.1. Organizational structure Clear and robust structures Minimization of hierarchical levels "Lean Management" Reduction of controllable costs Balancing in- and out-sourcing Making costs variable

3.2.2. Operational sequences Reduction of interfaces Clear definition of interfaces Straight processes without delays Definition of responsibilities for every step

3.2.3. IT-integration of processes SAP ARIS

3.2.4. Business process design for utilities, grid operators and infrastructure providers

3.3. Support with QA-Systems

3.3.1. EMAS

3.3.2. EN 14001

3.3.3. EN 50001

3.3.4. ISO 9000

3.3.5. TSM

3.3.6. EN 17025

4. More about UBH

4.1. CV Dr. Kurt Hackl

4.2. References

4.3. Patens as proof of competence