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9th Grade Photography Project "THE ZOO" by Mind Map: 9th Grade Photography Project "THE ZOO"
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9th Grade Photography Project "THE ZOO"




Choose a thread


Hand your photographs over as 20x30cm prints

Due date: 15.01.2014

All photographs must be original works


Exhibition at the Zoo's visitor centre


Stunning animal portraits

National Geographic

One Big Photo


Use natural light whenever you can. Shadows can be problematic during lunch time - mornings and late afternoons are usually better

Take a tripod for low light situations (at night, inside etc.)

Use RAW (="digital negative") instead of JPG

Have your photos printed at the store across from school to get a special student discount

Students' Q & A

If you have any questions, please put them here so me or one of your classmates can provide an answer. Don't remove resolved questions - others might be looking for similar information.

What's the maximum number of photographs a series can feature?

Can I buy wooden frames for my photographs instead?