9th Grade Photography Project "THE ZOO"

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9th Grade Photography Project "THE ZOO" by Mind Map: 9th Grade Photography Project "THE ZOO"

1. Assignment

1.1. Topic

1.1.1. The Zoo

1.2. Task

1.2.1. Hand in a series of 5 photographs by 01/15/2014

1.3. Choose a thread

1.3.1. Examples Animal families Children interacting with animals Water fun Animal faces Close-ups On skin, fur, scales etc. Animal babies

1.3.2. Present your idea in class Make sure no one else picked the same thread

2. Terms

2.1. Hand your photographs over as 20x30cm prints

2.1.1. We will mount them on PVC boards together and add suspension attachments Please bring $ 6,50 so I can buy all the materials we'll need

2.2. Due date: 15.01.2014

2.3. All photographs must be original works

3. Students' Q & A

3.1. What's the maximum number of photographs a series can feature?

3.1.1. There shouldn't be more than 10 photographs per series

3.2. Can I buy wooden frames for my photographs instead?

3.2.1. No, we'd like to create a homogeneous look for the exhibition

4. Goal

4.1. Exhibition at the Zoo's visitor centre

5. Inspiration

5.1. Stunning animal portraits

5.2. National Geographic

5.3. One Big Photo

6. Tips

6.1. Use natural light whenever you can. Shadows can be problematic during lunch time - mornings and late afternoons are usually better

6.2. Take a tripod for low light situations (at night, inside etc.)

6.3. Use RAW (="digital negative") instead of JPG

6.3.1. Download a RAW converter Edit the RAW file, then save as JPG or TIFF for printing

6.4. Have your photos printed at the store across from school to get a special student discount