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Shangri-La Academy LMS Content by Mind Map: Shangri-La Academy LMS Content

1. Leadership

1.1. Leading Organisations (BEST)

1.2. Leading Leaders (STAR)

1.3. Leading Multiple Teams (LEAP)

1.4. Leading Multiple Teams (GOAL)

1.5. Leading Teams (BLAST)

1.6. Leading Self (GROW)

2. Essential

2.1. Corporate

2.1.1. New Colleague Orientation Blended Program Online Quiz

2.1.2. Global Hotel Security Orientation E-learning Program Online Quiz Annual Refresher

2.1.3. Global Fire Life Safety Orientation E-learning Program Online Quiz Annual Refresher

2.1.4. Personal Data Protection E-learning Program Online Knowledge Check Online Quiz

2.1.5. Prevention of Discrimination in the Workplace E-learning Program Online Quiz

2.1.6. Chinese Cultural Awareness (Non-China) Video SCORM Content Knowledge Check Online Quiz

2.1.7. SFSMS Orientation

2.1.8. Information Security Awareness E-learning Program

2.2. Division

2.2.1. Food & Beverage SFSMS Essential (Classroom) Classroom Training Annual Refresher

2.3. Property

2.3.1. Hotel Tour

2.3.2. Organizational Structure

2.3.3. Hotel Brand Culture Shangri-La Care Program Jenology SmarTraders Kerry Me

2.3.4. Emergency Response Team Classroom Training

2.3.5. Crisis Management Team Classroom Training

2.3.6. First Aid Classroom Training (External)

2.3.7. Occupational Health & Safety Videos (6)

2.3.8. Language Training

3. Functional

3.1. Engineering

3.1.1. MEP System Operation & Maintenance Aircon Electricity Plumbing Heating ELV

3.1.2. Asset Management Engineering Operations Maintenance management Asset Condition & Performance Safety Management

3.1.3. Fire & Life Safety

3.1.4. Resource Management Maintenance Service Contracts Energy/Water/Carbon Utilisation M&U Budgeting CAPEX and Rolling Plan

3.1.5. Quality Improvement Compliance Audits Performance Indices

3.1.6. Competency Development Leading Organisation Leading Leaders Leading Multiple Teams Leading Team DOE Regional Workshop Executive Program (For Level 2) Leading Self

3.2. Food & Beverage

3.2.1. Chinese Operations Chinese Restaurant Service Chinese Restaurant Manager Server Training Chinese Culinary Guangdong Cuisine Sichuan Cuisine Huaiyang Cuisine Dongbei Cuisine Xiang Ju Program Zhejiang Cuisine Events/Banquet Services Chinese Wedding Service Standards Chinese Banqueting Culinary Training Standard Operating Procedures Freestanding Chinese Restaurants Chinese Restaurants Chinese Banquet Service Standards Chinese Traveller Expectations Dining Preferences

3.2.2. Culinary Standard Operating Procedures Basic SOPs Tasting Panel Food Store Management Menu Menu Engineering Menu Standards & Layout Kids Menu Wellness Menu Skills Training Rice/Noodle/Congee Bakery Dessert Banquet Training Western Banquet Menus Healthy Cuisine Corporate Social Responsibility Marine Stewardship Council Rooted in Nature Merchandising and Presentation

3.2.3. Service Standard Operating Procedures All Day Dining Lobby Lounge Banquet Japanese Restaurant Specialty Restaurant In Room Dining Western Banquet Operations F&B Retail Shop Systems Training Infrasys/ Micros Table Management System SCM Restaurant Service Restaurant Manager Server Training Events/ Banquet Services Banquet Service Standards We Commit

3.2.4. Beverage Bar Operating Guidelines Bar Set-up Bar Operation Standards Beverage Menu Design Wine Menu Design TIPS Training Beverage Skills Training Bartenders Spirits & Liquor Cocktail Coffee Wine Skills Training Wine E-learning Basic Training Wine E-learning Advanced Training WSET 2 WSET 3 Court of Master Sommelier (CMS) Shangri-La Tea Western Tea Knowledge & Service Training Chinese Tea Knowledge & Service Training

3.2.5. Hygiene & Sanitation Essential SFSMS HAACP ISO 22000 Crisis Management Hygiene Training Hygiene Managers Training SFSMS Training (Hotel) Waste Management Stewarding SOPs Chief Steward Workshop Stewarding Manager Workshop Hotel HEOS Product Familiarization

3.2.6. Competency Development Leading Organisation Leading Leaders Leading Multiple Teams Managing Work & Processes Quality Assurance Marketing & Communication Leading Team Leading Self

3.3. Rooms

3.3.1. Housekeeping SOPs Videos (11+) Asset Enhancement - CCPP Floral & Decorations Management Finishes

3.3.2. Laundry SOP Video (1) Fabrics Laundry Chemicals

3.3.3. Front Office SOPs System OPERA PMS Key Card System Operations 360 Rooms Operation Workshop Front Office Management

3.3.4. Concierge SOPs Local geography Local contact Les Clef's d'Or Bell Desk SOPs Manual Handling

3.3.5. Competency Development Service Quality & Customer Experiences Managing Work Processes Asset Management, Operations Security & Others

3.4. Sales

3.4.1. Sales Onboarding Program Blended Program

3.4.2. Systems DELPHI MS Office Social Selling Tools

3.4.3. Tactical Handling MICE Inquiries E-learning Program Online Quiz

3.5. Marketing

3.6. Brands

3.7. Procurement

3.8. Communications

3.9. Revenue Optimisation

3.10. Finance

3.11. Information Technology

3.12. Human Resources

3.12.1. Recruitment Job Advertisement Writing Guidelines E-learning Program

3.12.2. Code of Conduct and Ethics Corporate Policy Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace E-learning Program Online Quiz

3.13. IMBD

3.14. Projects & Development

3.15. Recreation

3.16. Spa

3.17. Security