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Fall of Singapore by Mind Map: Fall of Singapore
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Fall of Singapore

Japan was very poor; need to invade other countries for resources

Japan also wanted to be the master of southeast countries.

Japan wanted more land and also wanted to show influence,power.

Group 1: Why did the Japanese attacked Singapore ?

Japan wanted more power

Singapore was important to Japan

Group 2: Why did the British forces fail to protect Singapore ?


Man Power

Unaware of invasion

Singapore is too proud

British is unprepared

They did not expect the attack to attack from the North

The Japanese had better strategies than the british.

Group 3: Why did Singapore have to rely on the British for protection ?

Colonial history ....

small country

Singapore didn't have enough army men to protect its country.

Group 4: How did the Japanese attack Singapore?

Element of surprise

Aeroplane / Bomb

They destroyed the british airfield in Kota Bharu at the 8 december 1941, They destroyed the british battleships in Kuantan at 10 december.1941, Battle in Slim river at 7 january 1942

Group 5: Why is Singapore an Impregnable fortress?

The british had made military preparations inSingapore.The british had built a naval base in Singapore.It was situated in north facing Johor Strait.