NZ Legal Literature

a mapped out method of searching for NZ legal Literature. Use the notes and links to guide you too.

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NZ Legal Literature by Mind Map: NZ Legal Literature

1. secondary sources

1.1. commentaries

1.1.1. print - usually on Reserve

1.1.2. LexisNexisNZ video: how to browse commentary

1.1.3. WestlawNZ instruction videos & webinar times

1.1.4. CCH Intelliconnect instruction videos

1.2. textbooks

1.2.1. Library Search

1.3. articles

1.3.1. index databases Linx/Plus LegalTrac

1.3.2. full-text databases HeinOnline instruction & guides

1.3.3. federated search Library Search

1.4. Laws of New Zealand

1.4.1. video: How to browse Laws of New Zealand

2. primary sources

2.1. legislation/acts/statutes

2.1.1. print

2.1.2. Westlaw NZ statutes instruction videos & webinar times

2.1.3. LexisNexis statutes video: How to find a section of an Act

2.1.4. free stuff NZLII Legislation NZ

2.2. case law

2.2.1. with a citation Cardiff Library Search LexisNexisNZ video: How to locate a case by citation WestlawNZ instruction videos & webinar times

2.2.2. index databases Briefcase LINXPlus free stuff Unreported Judgments Index (Otago)

2.2.3. full-text databases LexisNexisNZ WestlawNZ instruction videos & webinar times CCH Intelliconnect free stuff NZLII Unreported Judgments Index (Otago) Judicial Decisions online (JDO) Courts of New Zealand (Judicial Decisions of Public Interest)

3. Law Librarian: Just Ask