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Project Info by Mind Map: Project Info

1. NORCOM Questions

1.1. How are we defining tasks vs projects? I would expect different documentation requirements for each.

2. Project framework

2.1. Initiation & Planning

2.1.1. Initiating - All the activities leading up to formal authorization to begin a project. Identifying the project or business need Documenting the business justification Business case validation Pre-project plan More specifics Only req'd for big ticket projects Charter ID from Prioritization SS Goals and Objectives Business Needs / Problem statement Description Key Deliverables Key stakeholders High level requirements, risks, costs and dependencies Scope Equipment Resource list

2.1.2. Planning - Where the goals, objectives and deliverables are broken down into manageable units of work. Project plan Project scope statement Work breakdown structure Communications plan creation Required resources determined Human resources plan Procurement plan Stakeholder list Risk plan Cost plan Quality plan Group setup Time estimates and schedule created Change control procedures Requirements Contact list Test planning Expectations Post go-live support defined Assumptions Closure / Transition plan Establishing performance measures Project kick-off Vendor Support

2.2. Execution

2.2.1. Project oversight

2.2.2. Change management Implementation of change control board Change request documentation Updating stakeholders and plans

2.2.3. Risk monitoring

2.2.4. Monitor performance measures

2.2.5. Create Deployment plan

2.2.6. Go-live planning Rollback procedures Task list creation Go / No Go criteria

2.2.7. QA / Testing execution

2.2.8. Create / Coordinate Training Tech training Agency training

2.2.9. Information documentation Maintenance planning Equipment replacement planning Specific task documentation Service list and RAM usage Troubleshooting & how to guides Define NORCOM/Agency Support Responsibilities Security planning Log file locations CJIS / CALEA special handling Flowcharts Business task workflows Network diagrams Dataflow diagrams

2.2.10. Issue handling

2.2.11. Communication updates Status updates Fault summary updates

2.3. Closure

2.3.1. Documentation sign off checklist

2.3.2. Techteam training

2.3.3. Final acceptance sign off

2.3.4. Post project post mortem

2.3.5. Address outstanding tickets going to day-to-day maintenance Handoff to service desk

2.3.6. Archival of project documents

3. PMO

3.1. Stakeholder approval, prioritization and communication

3.1.1. Selecting which projects to work on

3.2. Manage Project Prioritization SS

3.3. Receive ongoing status reporting from Project Mgr

3.3.1. Provide ongoing status reporting of all projects to Upper Mgmt & NORCOM Boards

3.4. Continuous Process Improvement (post-mortems)

3.5. Escalation point for Vendor / Agency Project Management

4. Existing documents

4.1. Fault summary

4.2. Status update

4.3. Timeline

4.4. Change request

4.5. Change management tracker

4.6. Issue testing sheet

4.7. Project overview PP

4.8. Risk register

4.9. Performance testing documentation

4.10. Project charter