KWHL Chart

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KWHL Chart by Mind Map: KWHL Chart

1. What I Learned

1.1. (To be answered at the end of the semester.)

2. What I Know

2.1. Education Technology can enhance both the way we teach and the way we learn.

2.2. There are a variety of tools available for educators to utilize that will create a more entertaining and interactive classroom environment.

2.3. The use of technology in the classroom can help us improve student learning by measuring how individuals prefer to learn.

3. How Will I Find Out?

3.1. By focusing on identifying potential benefits and negative consequences of various forms of technology and promote the development and application of positive media into the classroom.

3.2. Investigate the types of psychological impact on humans caused by a wide range of media such as social media, online education, and virtual classrooms.

4. What I Want To Know

4.1. How newer tools such as smartphones and other devices (tablets) can be maximized for their learning potential

4.2. About media psychology, the field of study that applies theories of human behavior to educational technology.