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Family Case Study Learning Outcomes by Mind Map: Family Case Study Learning Outcomes
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Family Case Study Learning Outcomes

1. Structure and Function of the family and how it has responded to change

Family Tree?



Life Changes

Brief, generalized life story


2. Describe the cultural and social environment of the family and how this affects their health and contact with the health service




Socio-economic status



How do these factors affect their health or vice versa?

3. Describe the health behaviours of the family and how the family makes decisions about health





4. Describe the family’s opinions of support available from the health service including members of the primary health care team and how the family uses these services.

What Transport is available?

What time do they have to get there?

What is the availability of the health services like?

Do they or have they had home visits? Would they use home visits?

How often do they use health care?

How well do you know your GP?

Do they know where their primary health care services are, how to contact them and that they have a choice of practice?

Knowledge of Catchment areas

What might be a typical incidence that would make them visit their GP?

Do the men or the women tend to visit more often?

What is the ease of access like? Is there parking and is it free and nearby?

What do you do for the Pharmacy? Do you use the pharmacy often for non-prescription medications? Do you ask the Pharmacist for health care advice?

Do you know what primary care is and who is part of your primary health care team?

How do you make an appointment? Phone (opening hours convenient?) Email, online or do you go in to book? Would being able to book more easily affect how often you went? Would you prefer a first come first served syste,?

What do you think about the distribution of health care resources (if they live rurally the resources are scarcer and the need is often greater)?



Nursing Home



Other support Services

Private healthcare?

Health insurance?

5. Describe the other sources of support and information on health matters that the family have available.

When you were last unwell who did you first contact?



Word of Mouth?



Personal experience?