Instructional Designer vs. Project Manager

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Instructional Designer vs. Project Manager by Mind Map: Instructional Designer vs. Project Manager

1. Views deliverables, developer resources, schedule, and budget as priority

2. An individual who creates and delivers educational training materials (e.g., eLearning courses, videos, manuals, handouts, etc.) for businesses, higher educational institutions, and other organizations.

3. Functions of an Instructional Designer

4. Views learning and reaching improved performance outcomes as priority

5. Characteristics of a Project Manager

6. Functions of the Project Manager

7. An instructional designer applies a systematic methodology based on instructional theory to create content for learning events.

8. A Project Manager is appointed at any stage during the life of the project, and usually appointed prior to recruitment of the project team.

9. Instructional Designer

10. A Project Manager allocates resources, assigns team membrs, and tracks the progress of the project

11. Project Manager

12. Characteristics of Instructional Designer