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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. People of all genders, race and orientation will see this so the content must be suitable and not offend any of these people, this includes certain images.

2. Theme

2.1. The theme is education and Shipley college itself but mainly media. images that can display these themese could be buildings, books, the computers etc. i have chosen these themes as they apply to the college overall and will help the viewer think about the education at the college.

3. What to include

3.1. Images - The Shipley college logo must be included as this desktop is made specifically for the college. the logo will be in the corner so it is noticed by the user but will not effect the overall background

3.2. Censorship - Images of violence, sex or discrimination must not be included in the project as they may offend some of the viewers.

3.3. Design - The design must have a modern look to it so it will catch the eye of the viewer. A good design will include lots of colour and images.

3.4. The Desktop must include at least 2 points from the student charter. e.g. Positive thinking and attitude, Possitive encouragement.

3.5. Must include 20 desktop icons. e.g. internet explorer, firefox, recycling bin, my computer, my documents, flash, dreamweaver, notepad, calculator, shortcuts, photoshop, word, excel, Powerpoint, access, publisher, adobe acorbat, Winrar, Audacity, Autodesk etc.

4. Target Audience

4.1. Age 15 - 25

4.2. Students

5. Examples

5.1. Modern

5.1.1. Colourful Education