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VoiceThread in Education by Mind Map: VoiceThread in Education
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VoiceThread in Education

New node

Present Media






Group Discussion


Verbal, Telephone, Webcam, Microphone

Nonverbal, Text, Drawing Tool, File Upload

Classroom Use

"Students can demonstrate their knowledge of content, develop higher order thinking skills, improve their digital literacy skills, and harness the power of visual literacy in digital storytelling projects." - Wes Fryer "Teachers and students are using VoiceThread as a storytelling tool, a deep thinking tool, a research tool, an expository communication tool, and even an assessment tool." - Brenda Dyck

Introduction Tool

VoiceThread could be used by a professor teaching an online course to introduce the class. It could also be used by an online course to introduce students to one another. Each student could create a VoiceThread about themselves to share with their classmates. This would create a social connectedness that may otherwise not be created by an online course.

Course Introduction

Student Introductions

Assignment Overviews

Language Tool

VoiceThread can be used to provide activites for the development of verbal as well as nonverbal language skills with classmates. This would allow the teacher to observe progress as well as provide feedback, all within a single VoiceThread.

Verbal Communication Activities, Verbal response to posted text, photos, or videos to help practice correct pronunciation., Verbal conversation with classmates.

Written Communication Activities, Written response to posted text, photos, or videos to help practice correct spelling and verb conjugation, etc., Written conversations with classmates.


These types of math presentations using audio and visuals are often called 'mathcasts'.

Visual Word Problems



VoiceThread could be used by an English teacher to assess the reading comprehension of their students as well as provide a place to encourage discussion relating to course texts.

Reading Comprehension

Discussion of Text


VoiceThread could be used by teachers as well as students to create a story about a historical event. This would help to provide a deeper understanding of the event while also making it more interesting.

Historical Events

Review Sessions

VoiceThread could be used for review sessions regarding course content. Teachers as well as other students could post questions which would create discussion and provoke thought about potential answers.

Test Review

Lectures can be recorded and made available to students who were absent.

Extend Classroom

The main use of VoiceThread in education is to extend learning outside the classroom. VoiceThread can be used in virtual every setting and can greatly enhance learning. Only a few examples of how VoiceThread can be used have been shown in this mind map.

Collaborate on projects

Discuss topics from class in more detail.

Pose additional questions