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The Tudors by Mind Map: The Tudors

1. Expansion and exploration by Queen Elisabet

1.1. The Elizabethan Age - 1558-1603

1.2. William Shakespeare lived during this period

1.3. Trade was expanded tramatically

1.3.1. India, Middle East and supply posts in Africa

1.4. After Elisabeth I death, James VI got the throne

1.4.1. He also became James I of England

2. 1509: Henry VIII enherited the throne from his father.

2.1. He reigned for almost 40 years

2.2. He was 18 when he was crowned king

2.3. He ruled England, Wales and Ireland

2.3.1. He wanted to extend his power to the whole of England

3. Act of Union 1536

3.1. This act strenghtend the English control over Wales

3.1.1. Welsh landowners could now own land in England and be a part of the Parliament

3.1.2. Wales got a form of local government based on the English system

3.2. Ireland was rebelling against increased English influence

3.2.1. Henry VIII demanded that Irish chieft and princes should obey English laws and customs. Not many did Ireland was the last British isle to be united with England This was by the Act of Union in 1801

4. The Reformation

4.1. The English Church broke away from Rome.

4.1.1. This was because the king wanted to divorce his wife

4.1.2. Henry was known for having 5 wifes

4.1.3. This act split the beliefs in England, that could be related to this date