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1. Technology

1.1. Internet

1.2. Computers

1.3. Cell Phones

1.4. Tablets

2. Collaboration

2.1. Learning Online

2.2. PodCasts

2.3. Wiki

2.4. Classroom Discussions

2.5. Group Project

3. Student Engaged In Learning

3.1. Using things that intrest them

3.2. Students learning through the way they communicate

4. Student's need to learn how do be ready for the future

4.1. Students needs learn to use the internet

4.1.1. Research

4.1.2. Valadite Information

4.1.3. Synthesis Information

4.1.4. Communicate Information

4.1.5. Collaborate with the Information

4.1.6. Problem Solve Infomation

5. Teaching

5.1. Teacher will need to keep up on what is new

5.2. How to use new technology

5.3. Always be Learning

5.4. Always be testing new technology for classroom use

5.5. Figure out ways students can learn to problem sove

5.6. Network

5.7. Engage in the technology you want your students to engage in

6. Classroom

6.1. Everyone is involoved in learning

6.2. Students are using technology

6.3. Students are networking with other people in the world to learn

6.4. Students will learn how to be an active participate in a collabotation group

7. School Staff

7.1. Need to teach studets how to to use technology for learning

7.2. Teach technology Ethics

7.3. Needs to be aware of what technology is out there and how to use it for the classroom

7.4. Secure safe technology sources

7.4.1. For example safe RSS feeds

7.4.2. Safe Websites

7.4.3. Validate Sources