Ways to Establish New Behaviors

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Ways to Establish New Behaviors by Mind Map: Ways to Establish New Behaviors

1. Shaping

1.1. Guidelines

1.1.1. Define target behavior

1.1.2. Is shaping appropriate?

1.1.3. Choose shaping steps (plan)

1.1.4. Choose reinforcers

1.1.5. Reinforce desired behavior only (ignore the others)

1.1.6. Move through the shaping steps at an appropriate pace

2. Prompting

2.1. Types

2.1.1. Verbal

2.1.2. Gestural (movements)

2.1.3. Modeling

2.1.4. Physical

2.2. Fading

2.2.1. Least to most prompting

2.2.2. Most to least prompting

2.3. Guidelines

2.3.1. Choose most appropriate type of prompting and fading

2.3.2. Get learners attention

2.3.3. Present stimuli

2.3.4. Prompt the correct behavior

2.3.5. Reinforce correct behavior

2.3.6. Fade prompts over time

2.3.7. Reinforce unprompted behavior

3. Chaining

3.1. Backward Chaining

3.1.1. Teach last behavior first then teach each previous behavior

3.2. Forward Chaining

3.2.1. Teach the 1st behavior in the chain then teach subsequent behavior

3.3. Guidelines

3.3.1. Implement

3.3.2. Reinforce after task has been learned