Rights at School

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Rights at School by Mind Map: Rights at School

1. Protected from Conflict

1.1. Responsibility not to harm or bully

2. Clean Environment

2.1. Responsibility to do what you can to look after the environment

3. Freedom of Thought and Religion

3.1. Respect other peoples thoughts and religions.

4. Right to be Educated

4.1. Responsibility to learn as much as you can

5. Right to be Heard

5.1. Responsibility to listen to other people

6. Right to be Fed

6.1. Responsibility not to waste food

7. Right to play and relax

7.1. Responsibility to include everyone in our games

8. Right to proper medical care

8.1. Responsibility to take care of yourself

9. Right to special care for special needs

9.1. Responsibility to be the best you can be

10. Right to make mistakes

10.1. Responsibility to learn from your mistakes

11. Right to be loved and respected

11.1. Responsibility to show love and respect to others