November Announcements Video

Items included in the announcement video for November 8, 2009

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November Announcements Video by Mind Map: November Announcements Video

1. Guy Hipp Series

1.1. One Idea

1.1.1. Footage and excerpts from Nov. 1 message

1.1.2. Ask unrelated questions.

1.1.3. "Come see what Guy says next?"

2. Lottie Moon

2.1. Geico Commercial spin-off

2.1.1. Faces of missionaries/people groups.

2.1.2. How are you going to use your savings?

2.1.3. Eyes on stack of money

2.2. IMB Theme: Who's Missing? Whose Mission?

2.2.1. Incomplete faces of people groups

2.2.2. Focus on those missing from God's family and our Great Commission to reach them.

2.3. Nov 8/15

3. Christmas Production

3.1. Volunteer as a stage hand, set crew, etc. (maybe showing that one person can't do it all)

3.2. Tickets Online (we're getting fancy... you can now go online, order your tickets, and pick them up on the night of the performance... or just go ahead after the service and get your tickets in the lobby to invite a friend or coworker)

4. Thanksgiving

4.1. Reminder of Wednesday on Tuesday

4.2. What are you thankful for?

5. Introduction

5.1. Glad you came today

5.2. Who we are as a church.

5.3. Here's what going on this month...

6. Conclusion

6.1. Thank you for joining us today.

6.2. For more information, go to

7. Christmas Kindness

7.1. We're Changing from Adopt a family to Christmas Kindness

7.2. We need you to donate a toy this month

7.3. We need you to volunteer for the Toy Store & Christmas Party in December