Hands On Science Display/Sculpture Ideas

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Hands On Science Display/Sculpture Ideas by Mind Map: Hands On Science Display/Sculpture Ideas

1. Gyroscope Wheel

1.1. A gigantic gyroscope wheel

1.2. Very visceral experience of a gyroscope AND of a flywheel’s stored energy.

1.3. Made of a bicycle tire or larger.

1.4. Cost: Anywhere from $25 to hundreds, depending upon materials used.

1.5. People must not be able to get near the wheel.

1.6. My mom had us suspend a wheel from a spring scale once and spin it to see if centrifugal force caused a weight loss (thus a flying saucer idea dispelled) when we were 14 or so.

2. Tennis Ball Raceway

2.1. A raceway made of parallel rails permitting a “roller coaster” of tennis balls to be started by the user.

2.2. Visceral connection with the ball’s changes in motion and energy when encountering turns, hills and valleys, and final slow down section.

2.3. Made of rails separated by a snap-in device.

2.4. Cost: $200

2.5. Note: If tennis ball gets wet it will affect the operation.

2.6. Had a great marble raceway made by a japanese toy company (Bondai?) who made several construction toys.

3. Giant Door Harp

4. Twirling Musical Hoses

5. Door Spring ‘Twanger’

6. Lever Demo/Bean Bag Toss

7. Tunable String

8. Bicycle Crank Color Mix Discs

9. Super 5-grade Sand Sifter

10. Wagon Ride

11. Giant Pinhole Camera

12. Piggy Back Streams From a Tall Column

13. Giant Parachute Launcher

14. Giant Skyhook Balancer

15. Bowl-Roll of Tennis Ball

16. Giant Mobile

17. Super Long String Telephone

18. Wand-on-a-wire Challenge

19. Rain Detector w/Electrical Sign

20. Giant Angled Mirrors

21. Clear Plexiglas Pump

22. Cork and Jar Accelerometer

23. Colored Glass Viewers

24. Bumping Balls Transmitter

25. Beat-Frequency Generator

26. Rubber Band Heat Engine

27. Pup-Party

28. Pulley Demo

29. Giant Windmill Things

30. Giant Recorder

31. Vortex Launcher

32. Plexiglas Telescope

33. Super Sand Remixer

34. Goosefeather Ferriswheel

35. Giant Periscope

36. Stream Down String

37. Self-Starting Siphon

38. Giant Water Propelled Spinner

39. Black-Hole Orbiter

40. Strobe Viewer

41. Gardenhose Speaking Tube

42. Old Piano Singing Strings

43. Handcranked Generator

44. Parabolic Sound Lenses

45. Underwater Telephone

46. Springy Pendulum

47. Water Tension Weight Set

48. Talking Mirrors Diaphragm

49. Seashell Effect Tubes

50. Specific Gravity Columns

51. Giant Bridge of Knives