Seasons of the Year

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Seasons of the Year by Mind Map: Seasons of the Year

1. Spring

1.1. March, April and May

1.2. Snow melts and temperature rises

1.3. Bugs return

1.4. Leaves and flowers bloom

1.5. St. Patrick's Day, April Fools and Mother's Day are the holidays.

2. Winter

2.1. December, January and February

2.2. Temperature is COLD!!

2.3. It snows

2.3.1. Sledding

2.3.2. Snowman building

2.4. Christmas, New Years Day and Valentines Day are the holidays.

3. Fall

3.1. September, October, November

3.2. Leaves change colors and fall off the trees

3.3. Temperature starts to get colder

3.4. Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving are the holidays.

4. Summer

4.1. June, July, and August

4.2. Temperature is hot

4.3. Swimming

4.4. No school in June and July

4.5. Fourth of July is the holiday this season.

4.5.1. Fireworks

4.6. First day of school is in August